Creating a sub-todo

There are two ways you can create a Sub-Todo

  1. Move a todo below another todo via drag and drop
  2. Move a todo below another todo via context menu

There is no restriction to the number of hierarchy levels. You can create Sub-Todos for Sub-Todos.

Moving a todo via drag and drop

  1. Hover over a todo and click on the drag and drop icon without releasing the mouse button
  2. Move the todo to the desired location and release the mouse button 
    1. A gray box shows you the drop location
  3. By moving the todo below another todo it will become a sub-todo

Drag and drop is not available in todo lists where it's not intended to be moved (e.g. Assigned To Me)

Moving a todo via context menu

  1. Open the context menu of the todo which you want to move
    1. The context menu appears on the right side if you hover over a todo
  2. Select either ">> Move in" or "<< Move out"
    1. With ">> Move in" the todo will be a sub-todo of the todo above
    2. With "<< Move out" the todo will no longer be a sub-todo of the parent todo

">> Move in" is only available if a todo above exists
"<< Move out" is only available if the todo has a parent todo