Installation & Configuration


TodoMe consists of two parts:

  • TodoMe App
  • TodoMe Connector

The TodoMe App is the main application and functions on its own, either in Jira or Confluence. The TodoMe Connector is an extension of the TodoMe App, which makes it possible that you can use all the TodoMe functionality also in the other Atlassian product.


If you have installed only Jira or Confluence or want to use TodoMe only in one Atlassian product, you can simple install the TodoMe App via Marketplace (Jira or Confluence) and are ready to go.

If you have both Atlassian products up and running and want to use TodoMe in both, you have two ways for installation

In order to use TodoMe in both applications you have to make sure you have configured a valid application link between Jira and Confluence. Here you find the documentation from Atlassian:

Dependent on the connection you have selected for the application link, following preconditions need to be fulfilled in order to can use the TodoMe Connector as expected:

  • OAuth (impersonation): The user must exist in both applications
  • OAuth: User in both applications must give access permission to each other
    => If you open the TodoMe page in the TodoMe Connector there should be a link to establish this connection

If the application links are configured correctly and users are connected to each other you are ready to go.


If you have multiple application links for the same application type (e.g. Confluence has two application links to two different Jira installations configured), you have to select which application link TodoMe shall use.

By default TodoMe uses the application link set as "Default" in the application link configuration. You can change this by selecting another application link in the Configuration:

  1. Open TodoMe Configuration
  2. Select application link to use