Using Multiple Assignees


Multiple assignees

The feature "Multiple assignees" enables a todo sharing where one task can be spread to colleagues very quickly. All assignees can always see the current status and who has already finished the work.

For using the feature just activate "Allow multiple assignees" in a task (checkbox can be seen in the following screen). Every user can configure his preferred behavior in his user settings, whether this checkbox should be checked or not by default.

To add colleagues simple add the assignees with the "@" character.

On the right side of the todo you can do a mouse-over on the statistic in order to see who are the assignees and who has already done the work.

If you want to mark the whole "multiple assignee" todo as done for all involved colleagues, click on the context menu and choose "Finish All".

Possible Use Cases

This feature can be very helpful for several use cases. In the following paragraph a few examples are listed:

  • The project manager has a todo for a bunch of colleagues and doesn't want to create a todo for each.
  • Every team member should give feedback to the prototype until Friday.
  • The team lead wants to ensure that every co-worker send his bills to accounting until end of this month.