Custom Filter


Custom Filter

This feature allows the user to define some individual filters for his tasks in order to manage especially a vast amount of todos properly. Every user can create and configure his filters by himself and furthermore share them with colleagues with a simple click-by-click configurator in the settings.

Filter Configuration

In the TodoMe settings you see the menu "Filter" where you can create, configure and share individual filters.

To create a filter based on several rules, we integrated a simple to use "query builder". With this query builder you can configure a lot of different rules easily.


  • show me all open high and highest prio tasks from my most important projects "Relaunch Website" and "CEO meetings".
  • show me all my completed tasks from last month
  • show me all my todos from projects where I'm not the manager with a set due date within the next 3 days.
  • all todos from my project where there isn't set an assignee yet.

Every filter has the settings "Active" and "Favorite":

  • Active: whether it is shown or not
  • Favorite: whether it' listed in the favorites (at the top) or in the filter section

Standard vs. custom filter

TodoMe provides additionally to the custom filters a set of predefined standard filters ("Today", "next 7 days", "assigned to me",...). Each filter, regardless if it's a standard or individual filter, can be activated/deactivated and set/removed from your favorites. Standard filters cannot be deleted from the system, if you don't need them anymore just deactivate it.

Filter Usage 

Filter visualization can be reordered easily by drag & drop. Favorite filters are listed at the top of the navigation panel, further filters at the bottom. The number shows the current amount of todos for each filter and project.